WELCOME to Waikabubak

Capital and transport hub of Sumba Barat,
Centre of traditional megalithic Tana Lolina

Please take a seat on our veranda !

But first let us lay out a mat for you to sit on
and please accept a plate of betel nuts and sirih peppers
... of course you should sit cross-legged if you can
... and yes, you can learn how to enjoy a chew of betel and sirih.

But if this is your first time, just make yourself comfortable,
... you may lean against the pillar, or dangle your feet off the edge of the veranda
... and once you are comfortable we will roast some coffee beans and
     brew you some really fresh strong aromatic local coffee. It's robusta coffee too, 

Camat Loli confers with Rato Tabera .. these days the government is keen to see the continuation of the old traditions